Phone Bill Episode July 23, 2021

Vanessa Hillman

5:02pm - 5:50pm

My name’s Vanessa Hillman. When I was 10, I competed in a karaoke competition at a local restaurant. They had me come back every weekend and perform, until I left for college. I did a Bachelors in music and learned to write songs on the piano, my first instrument. Ever since I’ve been recording my own music. My first release was earlier this year, “Let me go”, and I released another single “L.N.M.” in the spring. My music is pop but I listen to a lot of Miguel and Jhene Aiko, so there is an R&B influence. I have a collection of songs I did with producer team Curtis Shaw and K$0, which will be released in the fall. So keep an eye out and enjoy.

Track Listing:

I am Young
Yung Baby Tae · After the Rain
Best Friend
Saweetie, Doja Cat · Single
Vanessa Hillman · Single
Happiness Over Everything
Jhene Aiko · Chilombo
Let Me Go
Vanessa Hillman · Single
Wee Hours
The Dream · SXTP4
How Do You Know
Vanessa Hillman · Single
Thought It's Be Easy
Emanuel · Alt Therapy
Die A Little Bit
Tinashe, Ms Banks · Songs For You
Heartbreak Anniversary
Giveon · Take Time
The Rain
K Michele · All Monsters are Human