Phone Bill Episode July 9, 2021

Momy Fortuna

4:59pm - 5:54pm

Momy Fortuna is an occult-inspired, heavy neoclassical band and their astrological sign is horror-score.

Formed in Vancouver BC, this all-female team of composers consider themselves the Satan worshipping granddaughters of Dead Can Dance. With members from Canadian musical acts: Big John Bates, Mendozza, Dirty Spells, and Manticore Kiss this is a cult-wave coven slumber party that you don’t want to miss!

Track Listing:

Satanic Panic
Strange Broue · The Satanic Sounds of Strange Broue
Momy Fortuna · Hexennacht
Come To The Sabbath
Mercyful Fate · The Best Of Mercyful Fate
Miel en mortadelle
Gaë Bolg · Petit traité de Gymnosophie
Tanya Tagaq · Auk / Blood
Momy Fortuna · Hexennacht
Bel Canto · White-Out Conditions
Rest on Your Arms Reversed
The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud · The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud
Be Rather
Momy Fortuna · Hexennacht
Summoning of the Muse
Dead Can dance · Wake
God Gave Me No Name (no Thing Can Hide from My Flame)
Lingua Ignota · All Bitches Die
Anton LaVey
The Satanic Bible Verse IV · Satanic Mass