Phone Bill Episode April 30, 2021

Sam Tudor

5:03pm - 6:01pm

Sam Tudor is an individual person, but also the title of a project involving a large group of friends across Canada. It is a solo project AND a D.I.Y. collective effort. The underpinnings of the songs are genre-less; jazz players join forces with Eno inspired beats while acoustic guitars meet distorted synths. What unifies the project is Tudor’s distinct voice: a sandy, melancholic narrator, leaning in close with writing that is often an act of self-exposure - a confessional and cathartic outpouring. The band’s live show is a communal affair, moving from hushed tones to bombastic walls of sound and back again. The Georgia Straight calls the band “a gem, with a penchant for everything left field” while Beatroute Magazine describes the project as “beautifully self aware, sonically interesting, and masterful”. Their new album, Two Half Words, comes out in May 2021.

Track Listing:

Broken Hearted Kota
Joseph Shabason · -
Flock of Dimes · -
Tirzah · -
Letting Go
Braids · -
Passenger Plane
Bernice · -
La Vita
Beverely Glen-Copeland · -
Evan Cartwright
Could I · -
The Cutting Edge
Dil Brito · -
Hiroshi Yoshimura · -
No Tresspassing
The Roches · -
Fade Away
Hannah Diamond · -