Phone Bill Episode March 12, 2021


5:08pm - 5:51pm

Jeah is a Canadian recording and performing hip-hop artist. Part of SMA-winning and WMCA-nominated hip-hop/R&B duo, Samurai Champs, Jeah combines his love for traditional, 90’s-era hip-hop with his dedication to modern hip-hop songwriting. This creates Jeah’s signature melancholic, yet heavy-hitting, approach to contemporary hip-hop reminiscent of hip-hop artists such as Drake, Kanye West, and Travi$ Scott.

As a first-generation Cambodian-Canadian, Jeah’s family immigrated to Canada while fleeing the 1970’s Khmer Rouge Cambodian genocide. After emigrating to Canada, Jeah continued to witness his parents’ hardships in striving for a better life in their new home country. This instilled a determination in Jeah to not let his parents’ sacrifice go to waste, dedicating himself fully to realizing the opportunities his parents fought so hard to provide for him and his siblings. In his recent interview with VICE Noisey, Jeah states, “Not a lot of people get these chances in life. If I do get a chance to make it, then I feel like there's a story to tell.”

Track Listing:

Ashton Mills · -
Alex bent + the Emptiness · -
Repeat Affections
Denise Valle · -
Gee · -
Sean Leon · -
Samurai Champs · -
Make A Move
Maddy Slay · -
Daria Purley · -
Death Taste Good · -
Black Friday
Arlo Maverick, Stephanie Frenc · -
Give it away
Jared Daniel · -