Phone Bill Episode October 16, 2020

Marvin Chan

5:02pm - 5:46pm

Marvin Tontiwachwuthikul Chan, also known by his stage alter-ego, Merv xx Gotti, is the singer of SMA - Hip Hop Artist of the Year award-winning and WCMA — R&B Artist of the Year-nominated Canadian hip-hop/R&B duo, Samurai Champs. He is also the Artistic Director of Canadian music research startup and artist collective, Trifecta Sound Co.

With Samurai Champs, Merv xx Gotti has toured internationally, performing in festivals such as SXSW (Austin, TX), Music Matters Live (Singapore), NXNE (Toronto, ON), The Great Escape (Brighton, UK), Reeperbahn (Hamburg, GE), Tallinn Music Week (Estonia), and many more. They’ve been covered in press such as VICE Noisey, Exclaim!, Gigwise, HipHopCanada, and most recently won Hip Hop Artist of the Year in 2019’s Saskatchewan Music Awards (SMAs).

As Artistic Director of Trifecta Sound Co., Marvin has curated and organized arts & culture events such as Trifecta Music Festival, Trifecta Block Party, and Trifecta Concert Series. He has also advised and facilitated creative career development strategies for award winning artists and DJ’s such as LOA, Alex Bent + The Emptiness, Denise Valle, VBRTR and Tefrondon. Lastly, he has programmed official artist showcases at Toronto-based festivals Canadian Music Week and NXNE.

Academically, Marvin is completing his Master’s thesis in Interdisciplinary Studies, focusing on the cross-section between software systems engineering methodologies and creative technologies. Specifically, his research explores how agile software development methods can be adapted towards the development of music startups and creative disciplines.

His thesis, The Application of Agile Software Development Methodologies Towards the Development of Trifecta Sound Co and the Independent Arts, was presented at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences 2018, and was featured in the VICE Noisey article, Meet The Student Using His Master’s Thesis To Unite His Local Music Scene.

His is currently working on Trifecta Sound on ISO Radio, an online radio show hosted by a rotation of Trifecta’s artist roster, airing on Toronto’s underground community radio station, ISO Radio. Tune in to, every first Saturday of the month, at 6PM EST to hear more from Trifecta Sound.


Track Listing:

gee, Siena Marie, Rea.Luna · -
Death Tastes Good
LOA · -
TOVA, Tami · -
Feast or Famine (Sonnet I)
Revilla · -
Still Mine
Samurai Champs, Jeah, Merv Xx Gotti · -
Denise Valle, Wyatt C. Louis, Blessing Asebiode · -
Don't Leave Town
Toria Summerfield · -
Vanilla Blue
Alex Bent + the Emptiness · -
Something G?d
Hit for the Cycle