Phone Bill Episode July 17, 2020

Kardias Quing

5:06pm - 5:56pm

Alternative Pop/R&B artist Kardias Quing is one of Vancouver’s newest and brightest rising talents. Evolving through love, the literal meaning of her name is to be the “ruler of one’s own heart”. Exploring this theme deeper through her infectious lyrics; she aims to help guide her audience to be more mindful of the present and patient with themselves as they navigate through life. All the while using these same words as a mantra for herself.

“I know I'm just one of many who experience the struggle of discovering one’s self worth and all the feelings intertwined. The mind can be such a tough place on its own and I hope in sharing my story through music, I can help share the load for those who are going through a similar journey.”

Kardias Quing's Phone Bill:

Mahalia - Surprise Me
Mahalia - One Night Only
Sinead Harnett - If You Let Me
Daniela Andrade - Sound
Daniela Andrade - Tamale
Kendra Dias - I’ll Be Fine
Kimmortal - I’m Blue
Gliiico - Around
Withinroots - Undercover
Odie - Phenomenon

Track Listing:

Surprise me
Mahalia · -
One night only
Mahalia · -
If You Let Me
Sinead Harnett · -
Daniela Andrade · -
Daniela Andrade · -
I’ll Be Fine
Kendra Dias · -
I’m Blue
Kimmortal · -
Gliiico · -
Withinroots · -
Odie · -