Phone Bill Episode July 10, 2020

Len Bowen

5:06pm - 5:58pm

Len Bowen is a Canadian rap veteran from his start with the renowned Shades of Black crew to his solo work. In his career, Len has topped college radio charts and graced Much Music's Rap City top ten lists.

Bowen’s music is halfway between the boombap sounds of the mid nineties East Coast hip hop — think Common and Nas — and the earnest, honest content of more contemporary artists on the hip hop charts today (YNB Cordae and H.E.R). Through his music, you can feel the contemplative, negotiation he’s having with the listener, defining his place in the landscape as the narrator of his own epic.

Flow Nostalgic was Released May 18th/20 produced entirely by BBS Steve.

The first single off Lens new ep "Flow Nostalgic" Vol.1 "The Breaks" was inspired by raps golden era in which Len was raised . its a bittersweet look into his past, present and future he continues to fight to create for himself.

Len Bowen's Phone Bill:
1. Badd Mannaz ft. Lindo P, Len Bowen & Biggs - Champion
2. SuperDuty Toughwork - FTP
3. Charlie Fetta - North
4. Mooki - Blue River
5. Grand Analog ft. Shad K, Len Bowen & Dj Dopey - Ballad of the Beast
6. Eydol & Jackmills - Show me the way
7. Katya - Woosah
8. HAVYN - Blame on me
9. Len Bowen ft. Katya - The Breaks
10. The Lytics ft. Len Bowen & Joanna Majoko - They Said
11. Magnum K.I. ft. Fenom - Show and Prove

Track Listing:

Badd Mannaz - ft. Lindo P, Len Bowen & Biggs · -
Super Duty Toughwork · Studies in Grey
Charlie Fetta · Stvn Tylr 1.5
Blue River
Mooki · -
Ballad of the Beast ft. Shad K, Len Bowen & Dj Dopey
Grand Analog · Survival
Show Me the Way
Eydol & Jackmills · Hazmat
Katya · -
Blame on me
HAVYN · Magenta
The Breaks
Len Bowen ft. Katya · Flow Nostalgic
They Said
The Lytics ft. Len Bowen & Joanna Majoko · They Told Me
Show and Prove
Magnum K.I. ft. Fenom · -