Parts Unknown Episode July 24, 2023


1:00pm - 3:02pm


Track Listing:

supermarket one
p;ano · brigadoon
speedreader · EP!!!
caged spirit
fugitive bubble · delusion
music for spies
snooper · super snooper
ask me
pooched · s/t
own it
le master · blushless
outta sight
night court · HUMANS!!!
anything for love
private lives · hit record
itchy and the nits · s/t
rude awakening
grrrl gang · spunky!!!
tough age · waiting here
oh wonder
gaadge · somewhere
walk in place
sweeping promises · good living...
silver lining
sheer mag · a distant call
what the echoes say
the jeanines · each day!!!!
is that all there is !!!!
tony bennett · best of!!!
when my father becomes
anju singh · a cobra
walking around in an
GRIMM · ice castle that is melting
another fool
Faith healer · single
calling me back
retiree · through the smoke
how do we come alive
freak heat waves · mondo tempo
once more
ma$$ank!!! · with feeling!!!!
real dreams
bile sister · new
lightning comes
julie byrne · the greater wings
i inside the old i dying
pj harvey · i inside the old year dying
cant fool me now
scoutt niblett · its up to emma
feeble little horse · girl with fish
green mass
midi janitor · bulk order