Parts Unknown Episode March 29, 2021

Kylie V

1:00pm - 3:14pm

I hope your fingers dethawed completely after the show!!!

Track Listing:

massive cure
SMOOSH · she likes electric
kylie v · big blue
DJ of luv
future star · when will the....
stay in the car
bachelor · doomin
brand new key
melanie · best of
sleepy gonzales · slow apocolypse
my oldest friend
jane inc · number one
world remember me now
the GO TEAM · single
les shirley · forever is now
girlschool · demolition
hit me
the SOUNDS · s/t
bad cop
TOADS · s/t
across the city
alex little · single
courtney barnett · tell me how you really feel
strong woman
jen cloher · s/t
parking lot
weather station · ignorance
i pity the country
leanne betasamosake simpson · theory of ice
cardreader · one
leeches pt 1
dan sartain · vs. the serpientes
a rather strained apologetic
needles//pins · s/t
wire head
wasted lives · 7 in
silicon prairie
silicon prairie · my life on the......
half rich loner
paul jacobs · pink dogs on the green grass
spiritual mafia · alresco
new fries · is the idea of us
preening · dragged through the garden
life of leisure
homebody · better use of leisure time
grecian urn
adult books · s/t
composition for pinata
eyelickers · 7 in
aria di roma
nina rota · roma