Parts Unknown Episode December 14, 2020

this year was a hard year......

1:00pm - 3:00pm

for such a long time!!!

Track Listing:

last year
akron//family · old
kick it
priors · my punishment on earth
jay reatard · blood visions
EGGY · bravo
living wrong
tv freaks · prople
police street
green//blue · s/t
cable ties · far enough
nana yamoto · before sunrise
future teenage cave artists
deerhoof · future teenage cave artists
shoulder season
freelove fenner · punishment zone
singing now
brave radar · it's honey's world
panda bear · person pitch
ryan garbes · tabbed view
sound and vision
david bowie · low
do yeah
banangun · 7 in
moon rituals · 7 in
dreaming over you
new order · movement
just dropped by
sharon jones · covers
the room of ancillary dreams
harold budd · the room
charley pride · greatest hits
lost it
lucinda williams · first album
better to find out....
buffy saint marie · illuminations
i must be somebody else...
international sunshine band · best of
night flight
shilohs · tender regions
i didn't know
sugluk · native north america vol 1
snake bite dealer
heavenly blue · single
ride the sky
lucifer's friend · hits
don't look around
mountain · hits
total shock · 7 inch!
kalifornia korner
needles//pins · 7 in
for David K
"blue" gene tyranny · out of the blue