Parts Unknown Episode November 30, 2020

these bands....

1:05pm - 3:38pm

made me who i am!!!!

Track Listing:

trail vs russia · TvsR
break a neck
pigment vehicle · s/t
tried to make....
tommy tone · finally a PUNK
kidnap kids · would you run from rat boy jail
she wants fun!!!
capozzi park · the record of...
i've been since
ok vancouver ok · food water shelter
the world's greatest concertos
frog eyes · the golden river
unlimited sight
aaron read · rats
black rice · control
coffin foam
tough age · s/t
escape the law
jerk jails · intra slop
you and me geometry
operation makeout · ep
things i hold
knife pleats · hot bark beach
bird of prey
jay arner · s/t
old money
KELLARISSA · moon of neptune
today or tomorrow
gal gracen · fantasy gardens
diamond mind
collapsing opposites · mean letters
listen to your own
pan urge · erectangle
clap clap
greenbelt collective · unreleased
Ktels · s/t
mona lisa
sons of freedom · s/t
gimme the cheifs
fun 100 · 7in
gob · too late!!!
they shoot horses · ep
no eyelids
channels 3 x 4 · christianity
shearing pinx · poison hands
down on it
spitfires · III
doomsday girl
defektors · single
doers · thankless records comp
new york city
cub · come out come out
it's catching up
nomeansno · wrong
cold criminals
pink mountaintops · axis of evol
apollo ghosts · landmark
fucking ugly bouffant
p:ano · the den
actor's revenge
DESTROYER · notorious lightning