Parts Unknown Episode January 27, 2020

i can only give you an hour.....

1:00pm - 2:05pm

you do NOT want to hear the other hour.

Track Listing:

thunder queens
thunder queens · ep
mark zuckerberg
nap eyes · snapshot of a beginner
it just doesn't happen ...
destroyer · have me met???????????
new pornographers · challengers
under glass
wolf parade · thin
delphines · hushhhhhhhh
mitski · be the cowboy
thrill me
sean nicholas savage · single
double the dream
wasted shirt · segall/chippendale
blown by the wind
pax · melt it down
drowning in piss
lie · you want it real
reinforcement in dogs
negative space · new
got the time
ANTHRAX · single!!!
asleep in the saddle
cabo boing · blob on a grid
do you understand
en attendant ana · juillet
you were mine
jeanines · s/t
molly's lips
vaselines · best of
the prettiest girl
television personalities · best of
devil may care
tea room · single
feel you more than....
spinning room · hyacinth
holy water
Sylvia Wrath · agony klub
no fun
primp · mother loose
singing now
brave radar · it's honey's world
come on
non la · not in love
manikins · from broadway to blazes
news · cincinatti comp!!!!
i celebrate my fantasy
the homesick · the big exercise
clamm · beseech me