Parts Unknown Episode April 8, 2019

the US girls triple shot was......

1:00pm - 3:00pm

because the alarm in the student nest went off again!!!!!!

Track Listing:

secret girl
brad · interiors
boy harsher · careful
the night
nouveaux · ep
ice cream
priests · the seduction of kansas
take your movement away
in mirrors · escape from berlin
nu blu
bb · x 7in
my man
J R · single
silver dollar
versing · 10000
sun song
kamikaze nurse · single
a silent tide
flying saucer attack · s/t
johnny paper
flying fish cove · at moonset
dr seuss
autoclave · s/t
where do you get your groceries
WUT · demo
garbage dreams · demonstrations
free screening
iji · bubble
club nites
dumb · club nites
gimme more
kiwi jr · football money
tourniquet too
skydeck · eureka moment
fontaines dc · dogrel
learn to hate the 80's
bobby soxx · best
keep on knocking
death · for the whole world to see
sugar candy mountain · do right
when tomorrow's today
kim gray · perfume
lucky tale
girlpool · what chaos is imaginary
big thief · ufof
worried for nothing
subject · single