Parts Unknown Episode April 1, 2019

I got a Super Mario Bros video game.....

1:00pm - 3:00pm

from Nardwuar!!! At least the card said it was from him. Must have been an April Fool's PRANK!!!! Also ....HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN PICARD!!!!!

Track Listing:

april fools day
marty robbins · best of
club nites
dumb · club nites
ex hex · it's real!!!!
why can't i change
slam dunk · welcome to miami
not amused · dante
the letter
steve adamyk · paradise
in my own world
sugar candy mountain · s/t
everything for you
lambchop · this is what i wanted to tell you!!!
joni void · mise em abyme
iron lung
black marble · immaterial
vivaldi my reptile
devours · iconoclast
work policy
preening · gang laughter
bob dylan
minutemen · what makes a man start fires
glass of water
lithics · mating surfaces
blessed · ii
dickies · first one
radiant cape
house wind · agony klub comp!
where do
wut · demo
one less thing
death valley girls · darkness reins
belle v sebastian
wild/kind · west ends
dont want to fall asleep
lt frank dickens · sour bubblegum
versing · 10000
raised eyebrows
feelies · crazy rhythms
milk · mattress ranch
weyes blood · titanic rising
between you and me
jody glenham · teaser
m for empathy
lomelda · m for me
colour green
sibyelle baier · colour green
daylight matters
cate the bon · reward