Parts Unknown Episode March 25, 2019

Les Ghosts D'Apollo

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Can't Wait!!!

Track Listing:

teen daze · bioluminescence
take it easy on yourself
walker brothers · best of
daylight matters
cate le bon · reward
dirty desert daze
spellling · mazy fly
old man willow
elephant's memory · midnight cowboy sndtrck
mouth burned my tongue
neptune's daydream · bitch tapes comp
salmon capital
Apollo Ghosts · mount benson
kits bro
jock tears · you know the one
show me another way to your heart
pale lips · tune it up
left in pieces
steve adamyk · paradise
lady solinas
pottery · no 1
wicker park
dlimc · cassingle
what ur sign
hotline tnt · cool if i crash
her reality
teenage moods · after dark
taking control
qlowski · pure as fear
i don't want to live on the mountain
ratboys · comp for AFSP
time does not bring relief
josephine wiggs · we fall
dance the mutation
simply saucer · cyborgs revisited
future shade
black mountain · destroyer
RATT · out of the cellar
rave slave
low life · downer edn
comeback baby
kiwi jr · football money
wugene vampire
kim gray · plastic memory
diamond drive
ex hex · it's real
5 farms
coathangers · the devil you know
don't wait
barbie army · single
on the dole
zellots · 7in
over the edge
wipers · over the edge