Parts Unknown Episode January 14, 2019

lots of new stuff

1:00pm - 3:00pm

poor Duncan

Track Listing:

i.o · akrasia
devours · iconoclast
totally nice
paula · relaxed fit
days of dust
molly nilsson · 20/20
what you gonna do now
carla dal forno · you know what it's like !
tuxedomoon · half mute
swim team · V
baba yaga
table sugar · collected acknowledgements
were so cool
au pairs · best of
divorcer · debt jubilee
my crotch does not say go
frightwig · cat farm faboo
second grade
PAX · ouch
feeding time
Loans · single
what UR SIGN
Hotline TNT · more fire
make up your mind
painted fruit · II
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith · Tides Music for Meditation and Yoga
up from below
remember sports · slow buzz
coathangers · the devil you know
kiss and burn
girlpool · powerplant
wasting time
young scum · s/t
safety net
shop assistants · s/t
i could be in heaven
the flatmates · single
comfort woman
neighbourhood brats · claw marks
call for you
priors · ep
i wonder
mike krol · power cords
oh well
pretty matty · single
i miss my black toque
the bathmats · s/t
the prettys · soiree
message rouge
dead cells · demo!!!!
she lies
the whiffs · smell the.........
bay of pigs
des demonas · single !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bored out of my brains!!!!
personal and the pizzas · best of!!!!