Parts Unknown Episode January 7, 2019

neighbourhood brats........

1:00pm - 3:00pm

playing at the Smiling Bhudda Cabaret, February the 1st with Chain Whip and Pet Blessings. I forgot to mention this!!!

Track Listing:

alex zhang hungtai · divine weight
Roddy Piper
Gene Okerlund · interview
dumpster values
neighbourhood brats · claw marks
easy (warm weather)
paul jacobs · easy!!!
little drama
mike krol · power chords
brewery creek
sightlines · floppy disc
cut my hair
sarchasm · split
the wait
the stand gt · single
teenage moods · tune it up turn em out!!!!
baywitch · hellaspawn
prize pig
prom nite · dancing to this beat
laverne · yarrow
i dont wanna
whiffs · take a whiff
hank williams
pottery · single
beatnik beach
go gos · vacation
show me
pretty matty · ep
youve changed
nick ferrio · soothsayer
touch me i'm sick
sonic youth · daydream nation redux!!!
another sun is destroyed
Elisa Thorn/Lee Hutzalak · single!!!!!!
novel · novel
59 to 1
tuxedo moon · half mute
dog d log
table sugar · collected acknowledgements
double happiness
pudding · single
form taking form
pale red · heavy petting
be afraid · on more year
out of touch
mosfett · s/t
the cia · s/t
point that thing.......
the clean · anthology
bonnie doon · dooner nooner
he's sure the boy i love
the crystals · best
peach kelli pop · which whitch!!!!
i wanna be a winner
vicki and the van dykes · best!!!!!!
garbage dreams · demos!!!!