Parts Unknown Episode November 12, 2018

uncle arthur uncle arthur

1:00pm - 3:00pm

uncle arthur clemenson. you were lost and gone for ever, uncle arthur clemenson. Joined the army was a soldier lost his life in world war 2, you were lost and gone forever Uncle Arthur we love you!!!!!!

Track Listing:

bring the boys back home
freda payne · best of
days of dust
molly nilson · 20/20
a day
clan of xymox · s/t
depeche mode · speak and spell
ora cogan/joni void · montages
broken mirror
DAN DAN · single
wear black
death valley girls · darkness reins
no vacancy
ar-kaics · in this time
you must be a witch
lollipop shoppe · just colour
unforgiven eyes
hipshakes · snake
you don't satisfy
the pandoras · single
poverty porn
bed wetters anon. · mild discomfort
tommy and the commies · here come
betty page
spaceshits · fullfisted action
ramones · RIP STAN LEE
great speckled fritillary fritillary · tiny kind
employee training manual
mess · silver kidney
no remarks
duds · wet reduction
domestic gesture
miss rayon · eclipse
patti · 7in
body lens · s/t
give a shit
starlight pines · city lights
have you seen the light
nap eyes · single
disinhibiting stimuli
teenage wedding · the sophia of teenage wedding
trauma and depression
fine · thanks for asking
phono pony · monkey paw
i'm afraid
dead soft · new emotion
gospel plow
screaming trees · dust
it wasn't arson
black mountain · s/t re issue!!!!!!!!