Parts Unknown Episode November 5, 2018

Good Bye W 10th Ave Safeway

1:00pm - 3:00pm

You have been there for freaking EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Track Listing:

safeway · canadian safeway
only a visitor · new one that cannot find the name of right now
golden nights
cool sounds · cactus country
a modest parade
heavy steps · infinity rope
nick krgovich · ouch!
spinning coin · rosemary
sand witches
ivory towers · queller
domestic gesture
miss rayon · eclipse
full time FF
thurst · project isle demotion
bad love
stephen steinbrink · utopia teased
inner circle
johnny dylan hughes · new mind
i wanna be a winner
vicki and the van dykes · best of
party ice
jock tears · bad boys
garbage dreams · ep
snoozin for a bruisin
smithy ramone · new
in the summer
lisa marr and tranzmittors · 7 inch
c. diab · exit ruminations
hurtin boys
tommy and the commies · new
push me
carbonas · rairities
o katrina
black lips · good evil somethin something
priors · single (HARLEY RACE)
all revved up to kill
bad sports · constant stimulation
hiding from the moon
pale lips · pentagon black comp!!!
the whyte boots · best of
alle sauvage
beak>>>>> · >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
exploded view · obey
in another life
sandro perri · in another life
walk in the park
beach house · teen dream