Parts Unknown Episode June 18, 2018

Cocaine Piss song on the show

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Thanks Steve Albini, Poker, and Shirts for making this possible!!!

Track Listing:

sound of the beat
palberta · roach goin down
go for the thrill
mark szabo · chocolate covered bad things
mystery lake
awkward energy · american lvov
modern music
dick stusso · in heaven
olivia's world · single
mega bog · happy together
fountain · single
plugging away
sharky · wanty
night cruise
lonely parade · the pits
give me back my man
b-52's · i should know this...wild planet ...right
why cant i love you
BBQT · all for show
giant brain
wimps · garbage people
Gun Control · volume
shannon and the clams · onion
simon says
1910 fruitgum company · best of
babysitter · eye
soft seam
dumb · seeing green
had a fantastic
clearance · at your leisure
uncontrollable urge
fist city · single
smokin in the streets
smoker · single
the heart condition
the ex · 27 letters
cocaine piss · pinacalolove
gacy's place
the mentally ill · old
can't get enough
lie · hounds
you always win
protomartyr · consolation ep
don't get me down
volunteers · i wish i was happy as....
no age · snares like a haircut
tea leaves
human music · s/t
the stevens · good!
one way ticket
the nerves · one way ticket
little star
royal headache · high
modern art
adrian teacher · anxious love
do no wrong
des demonas · s/t
poison apples
wireheads · lightning ears
can't sleep
dead friends · s/t
the eyeroll
rotten column · s/t