Parts Unknown Episode June 4, 2018

Music Waste!!!

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Usually Music Waste specials on the Parts Unknown show suck. This exceeded my expectation, but let me tell you right expectations were way low!

Track Listing:

what a waste
sonic youth · rather ripped
be afraid · one more year
birdo · single
brutal poodle · long time no see
leave any room
pale red · heavy petting
emma lee toyoda · sewn me anew
sigh · 2 songs
already gone
crystal eyes · the female imagination
i need to fall in love
booker t on acid · single
star on the ground
energy slime · new dimensional
garnet graves
devours · pop alliance
fixer's loop
m merlot · city sex vol. 1
borrowed time
mucho joe · bread dough rising
summer bbg
andre denim · single
dec 28
shitlord fuckerman · hot blood.....
laverne · single
blond wig
teak physique · 4 songs
echo bommers
bored decor · ep
jerk jails · ep
dumb · seeing green
dark shadows
stork · s/t
love her if i tried
royal headache · high
pink showers
deeper · s/t
comfortable conversation
freak heat waves · bonnie's state of mind
jo passed · their prime
see how
young fathers · cocoa sugar
hurt you
tv on the radio · ok calculator
take me to your leader
mattress · heavy duty