Parts Unknown Episode May 28, 2018

but yeah....

12:58pm - 3:04pm

I got a thermos. I have been the worst coffee cup abuser of my generation and I had to police myself. I got a THERMOS thermos that would make my late father proud...solid, bulletproof, non-flashy, with an amazing ability to keep my coffee hot even if I was stuck on Antarctica for some reason.

Track Listing:

swearing to god
frankie valli · best
soul patch
tough customer · 7 in
excuse generator
lithics · mating surfaces
body lens · s/t
country boys
lie · hounds
no age · ssnares like a haircut
tongue tied
erase errata · erased
she cracked
moden lovers · demo
giant brain
wimps · garbage people
lost together
pre nup · oh well
anxious love
adrian teacher · pop medicine
peach kelli pop · gentle leader
don't worry
submissives · pining for a boy
vad ska.......
ebba gron · 78-82
sightlines · 7inch
neighbourhood watch
mike krol · turkey
dumb · 5$ or free ep
shutups · single
be nice be funny
ECHUTA · even if long winded waits
he's the moon
bernice · puff!
the dreamer's......
jenny hval · ep
black rainbow
hillary woods · colt
death money
vive le void · s/t
sur un plage · battled fatigued
cast off
stephen malkmus · sparkle hard
jo passed · their prime
stay disappointed
wax chattels · s/t
no remark
DUDS · of a nature
spesh pep · like a volcano
take me away
willis earl beal · acoustmatic sorcery
walking the cow
tv on the radio · daniel johnston
he's the boy I love
crystals · best of