Parts Unknown Episode May 21, 2018

Sylvie is getting to be .....

1:00pm - 3:00pm


Track Listing:

westworld · the movie
you got me
theoretical girls · RIP GLENN
stay disappointed
wax chattels · s/t
the beat goes on
screamers · demo
excuse generator
lithics · mating surfaces
maskara · museum of profanity
anxious love
adrian teacher · anxious love
hard sea
dumb · seeing green
milennial trash blues
jo passed · their prime
ghost world
the world · first world record
who are we fooling!!!!!
tough customer · yes fooling with a G!!
social fools
devo · hardcore
way things am
coneheads · LP1
opening band
b-lines · opening band
i am confused teenager
hot nasties · 7 in
just a number
last stand · 7 in
shut up
defektors · tape cassette
kraftwerk · 2
message from the aching sky
cindy lee · malenkost
future suite
stephen malkmus · sparkle hard
sink and swim
unknown mortal orchestra · like a shark
something from
cate le bon · rock pool
straford on guy
liz phair · exile
shark smile
big theif · capacity
basic behaviour
frigs · talking pictures
magik markers · boss
lose your smile
beach house · 8
being her shadow
grouper · the man who died in his boat
manifestations of the unseen
joni void · hors champ
sweat socks
Angie · old