Parts Unknown Episode May 14, 2018


1:00pm - 3:00pm

...bombarded their way into the booth, demanding I play more Faith Healer and Dumb and I told them that I play them all the time and they said oh yeah never mind!!!!

Track Listing:

carniverous plants
true facts · tv show!
so choked
Adrian Teacher · anxious love
kellarissa · ocean electro
erase you
esg · best of
death disco
PIL · best of
free lunch
ssion · O
sightlines · love ethic ep
still disgusting
freak genes · playtime
on the nose
pre nup · oh well
garbage people
wimps · garbage people
found down
slowcoaches · single
hello hello
forgotten rebels · this ain't hollywood
on the dole
zellots · 7in
is it what you wanted
submissives · pining for a boy
careless, wow
nanami ozone · ep
being alive
frankie cosmos · vessel
alone now
laura swankey · bitch tapes
black car
beach house · 7
baby blue
mourning coup · baby blue
claim of vaity
cindy lee · malenkost
these walls
white poppy · pink haze of love
sleeping with the dance
larry wish · new
be found
atsea · single
i should care
sea and cake · any day
a lengthy end to a bull fight
feel alright · in bad faith
come on through
volunteers · i wish i was as happy as john denver
how to make a killing
pinc lincolns · the best of......
falling in love
monomyth · happy pop family
hard sea
dumb · seeing green
almost had to start a fight
parquet courts · wide awake
heads or tails
winona forever · single