Parts Unknown Episode May 7, 2018

white shirt

1:00pm - 3:00pm

I am happy to wear it, Adrian. Thank you for going through all that trouble just to get me a shirt my size. It reminds me of story one of my Piano Students told me. She is a grandma who has a love/hate relationship with her daughter in law. My student invited her and her family to dinner, and prepared a giant meal. She spared no expense. When the daughter in law arrived, she looked at the meal and proclaimed "I can't eat this! I am on the Atkins Diet" The way Alice (my student) described the scene was amazing. She was so pissed off!!! So to my dear friend Adrian, the shirt is awesome and it makes me look like a God and I thank you!!!!

Track Listing:

don leo jonathan · Happy 87th, Don Leo!!!
the lady forgot her purse
chris reimer · hello people
garbage people
wimps · garbage people
pre nup · s/t
i'm obsessed
submissives · pining for a boy
advice on arrest
desperate bicycles · best of
dumb · seeing green
silicone sunlight
teak physique · ep
paul jacobs · pictures movies and apartments
not my kind
WHIMM · single
wax idols · happy ending
red rockers
the dils · 7in
softboys · so below
dont find me
lost balloons · hey summer
girl you captivate me
? and the mysterians · best of
blood in his eye
material · s/t
love tourist
corner boys · 7in
first base · not that bad
fallen angel
cindy lee · act of tenderness!!!!!
bang bang
thanh lan · best of
LUCRECIA DALT · anticlines
don't get me down
volunteers · i wish i was as happy as john denver
dull me line
nap eyes · i'm bad
percy faith
damien jurado · the horizon just laughed
cash for gold
cut worms · hollow ground
anenome · only you and I
be found
atsea · single
knife pleats · s/t
frankie cosmos · new one
jo passed · their prime
vive le void · s/t
not that lovely
salami rose joe louis · zlaty sauce nephew
when evening's.........
music tapes · the orbiting human circus
oh sister
neutral milk hotel · in the aero plane over the sea