Parts Unknown Episode April 30, 2018

Cristian Techera......

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Listen. Act like you have some sense. You already have a yellow card. If you get another yellow, that means you get a red card, and you are out of the game. And if you celebrate your goal, don't take your shirt off in celebration, because that means you get a yellow card and your team would be down a man. So............Why are you TAKING OFF YOUR SHIRT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Track Listing:

multiply by 5!!!!!!
schoolhouse rock · 5 10 15 20
blond wig
teak physique · ep
in shape
okgb · single
dumb · seeing green
blues lawyer · guess work
sculpt edit
nice apple · two songs
the itch
the world · first world record
carried away
table sugar · marry me
come on my baby
fashionism · 7in
wasted lives · 7in
ready set go
generation x · s/t
back to reality
staffers · torn between two lovers
going wrong
freak genes · playtime
cruisin usa
adrian teacher and the subs · single
black cat 13
peach kelli pop · gentle leader
tired games
forth wanderers · s/t
take my mind
gun control · volume 1
dopey's robe · who and when is stephen networks
just another teenage rebel
outcasts · best of
grouper · grid of points
baby only and I
anemone · baby only and I
i wanna touch you
she-devils · ep
spy on you
deerhoof · runners four
tea soaked letter
anna burch · quit the curse
can i kiss you
speedy ortiz · twerp verse
prayer of baphoment
cindy lee · act of tenderness
there's only one of us
a place to bury strangers · pinned
sensitive girls
frog eyes · paul's tomb
gentlemen you stand down
daddy's hands · welcome kings
palberta · last one
no substitute
speedies · best of
after dark
shop assistants · s/t
witching hour
supermoon · playland