Parts Unknown Episode April 23, 2018

I never thought in my wildest dreams.....

1:00pm - 3:00pm

that I would ever have a reason to play Huey Lewis!!! But he is calling it a career due to hearing loss so I thought I would give him his due! I was also going to tell a story on the show, but I forgot because I was ill and cranky. But here is my story......I ran into Doers frontman Sean Maxey years ago, and I asked how he was. He told me that he went to an awesome rock show and then he proceeded to show a picture of the singer on his phone. It was a picture of a wrinkled old man that I did not recognize. I asked "Who's that?" He seemed shocked that I did not know that it was none other than HUEY LEWIS!!! I thought he was kidding, but he was definitely not kidding. So I said...."Wow!" True Story!

Track Listing:

you can't say those..
rip Bruno Sammartino · things on TV anymore Thank God!
cruisin usa
adrian teacher and the subs · single
we don't have to be friends anymore
sightlines · love ethic ep
dumb · seeing green
blues lawyer · guess work
wake up sleepyheads
don't make me do it
huey lewis · s/t
Oliver's Twist
STAFFERS · torn between two lovers!!
wigs with faces
dopey's robe · fasting for the ceiling
beta blockers · stiff prescription
i can see you r face
pneumania · best of
wasted lives · single
kristian north · the last rock and
careless wow
nanami ozone · ep
watching the wall
rotten column · s/t
you tried
lost balloons · hey summer
manic depression
bedwetters anonymous · jimimimimimimimimi
the swingers part 2
holzkopf · the sufferer of conduits ....
corner shops
drinks · hippo lite
ping pong
stereolab · mars audiac quintet
fallen angel
cindy lee · act of tenderness
paper ash
lief hall · roses for ruins
a lot of fun
larry wish · how much more can you need
flailing orbits
anna mcclellen · yes and no
quit the curse
anna burch · quit the curse
no fun
brave irene · s/t
freudian slip
ulricka spacek · ep
jo passed · their prime
still life
casual hex · zig zag lady illusion
the fall
WIPERS · power in one
birdo · single
the lung
dino jr · you are living all over me!!!