Parts Unknown Episode March 26, 2018

album release

1:00pm - 3:00pm

what a success. BUT!!!! I blame myself, I sang like a frustrated goat!!!! Just tell the sound lady you can't hear your voice in the freaking monitor. Is that so hard?

Track Listing:

half japanese · best of
tie the blindfold
pale red · heavy petting
emma lee toyoda · sewn me anew
alt right punks
hardly boys · dear diarreha
hard to know
nice apple · 2 songs
no 1 has to know
tough customer · rockgasm
puzzlehead · artless
silent waste
the ex · 27 passports
doom and gloom
monuments galore · 7in
kristian north · the last rock and roll record
the eyeroll
rotten column · s/t
sending messages
human music · s/t
pre nup · oh well
hanging out
half stack · 7in
shark toys · labyrinths
losing time
lost balloons · s/t
crooked and crazy
peach kelli pop · which witch
the chats · ep
heads or tails
winona forever · single
gacy's place
the mentally ill · s/t
pukesword · single
frigs · basic behavior
the radio
kellarissa · ocean electro
oh to be in love
kate bush · the kick inside
small foreign faction
haley blais · let yourself go
heads or tails
winona forever · single
blue as my name
karl blau · out her space
brown to grey
apollo ghosts · the best fucking album ever!
miki dora
amen dunes · freedom
cult babies
SB · deluxe 85
random rules
silver jews · american water
if you only knew
mojave 3 · the deserted forest
i could get there but i cannot
future star · single