Parts Unknown Episode March 12, 2018

Rock and Reading and Party Dad

1:00pm - 3:00pm

I took in a "show" at the Toast last Friday. It was more like five speeches about the speaker's favorite songs or albums. And again, Duncan McQ sets the bar high again!!!! He had a speech about a certain that was apparently in Ex Machina, and.....well you had to be there. It was so amazing. He is so much better a person than I am!!!! But Adrienne Labelle's speech was pretty amazing. I think I connected more her speech, because I will never be and have never been a PARTY DAD!!!!!

Track Listing:

AUNTS AND UNCLES · old and new
jo passed · their prime
vundabar · smell smoke
peeled back
empty heads · ep
preoccupations · new materials
too drunk ....
kellarissa · ocean electro
wax idols · happy ending
talking pictures
frigs · basic behavior
california finally
la luz · floating features
crooked and crazy
peach kelli pop · 7in
slow motion
stef chura · messes
spring forward
richard album · another album
lead blood
lief hall · single
death camp fantasy
hot snakes · jericho sirens
not my time
lost balloons · hey summer
how many chances
chain whip · demo
bus money
the chats · s/t
year without a summer
family video · long time listener
nap eyes · i'm bad now
weather station · s/t
need you around
veronica falls · if you still want me around
minding light
moonwalks · s/t
sunset gag
dopey's robe · new
if you want me
outrageous cherry · supernatural equinox
who's it gonna be
lollipop shoppe · best of
tough customer · the worst demo