Parts Unknown Episode February 12, 2018

Family Day Meltdown!

1:00pm - 2:03pm

It all started with Sunday night previous. I really got into the movie PUNCH DRUNK LOVE....IT WAS REALLY GOOD!!! So good, in fact, that I was buzzing until one in the morning. So....the radio show was going swimmingly...I played an hour of amazing music in honour of Black History Month. Then the SAM froze on me. Then Stephen Malkmus started being a jerk! Then the other computer froze on me. Then I hit the wall. Then I took a knee. One hour of Parts Unknown is all you get today. It was Karma. I should have been with my family making valentines out of felt and construction paper.

Track Listing:

hi babe
ngozi family · best of
the south shall never rise again
des demonas · s/t
ser ious chords
think about life · s/t
esg · come away with...
wolf like me
tv on the radio · cookie mountain
exuma · rest of
black merda · s/t
the equals · best of
death · second album
international news
national wake · re-issue
no rules
pure hell · noise addiction
black dots
bad brains · black dots
oh really
younger lovers · ep
punk police
fancy rosy · 7 in
this bitter earth
dinah wahington · single