Parts Unknown Episode February 5, 2018

congrats to Moe Berg

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Of Seminal Toronto band, The Pursuit of Happiness.....Your SOCAN cheque is IN THE MAIL!!!! Ben...That was for you!!!!

Track Listing:

2 sides to love
temptations · with a lot of soul
self vortex
freak heat waves · beyond XXXL
paper bag
circuit des yeux · searching for indigo
roses for ruins
lief hall · single
cup of dreams
thinking fellers union local 242 · strangers from the universe
never coming back
a place to bury strangers · a place to bury strangers
frigs · basic behavior
lance mountain
storc · storc
god loves you micheal chang
dent may · the good feeling of dent may
splintered hands
softies · winter pageant
hidden cameras · while you were sleeping
while you were sleeping
spook school · could it be different?
jack the ripper
japandroids · celebration rock
chikiss · new season
ty segall · freedom's goblin
under the bed
salad boys · this is glue
dumb · beach church
is it alright
patsy's rats · 7 inch
easchester avenue
first base · not that bad
try and stop me
creation · action painting
cult in the sky
human music · human music
suffering creature
faith healer · try
rock and roll
velvet underground · loaded
my neighbourhood
the pursuit of happiness · brave new waves comp
tomorrow night
the shoes · 7 inch
rocket to russia
nick normal · tour tape
ramones · rocket to russia
no age · snares like a haircut