Parts Unknown Episode January 29, 2018

radio transmitter not working on....

1:00pm - 3:00pm

two consecutive Mondays! Coincidence? Sabaotage? A Hint?

Track Listing:

psycho mafia
the fall · bingo somethings break out
gun control
strange breed · single
stay where you
sleater kinney · call the doctor
psych slasher
salad boys · this is glue
the main pretender
ty segall · freedom's goblin
rocket to russia saved
nick normal · my life single
do no wrong
des demonas · s/t
police on my back
the equals · best of
soft collar fad
no age · snares like a haircut
lance mountain
storc · s/t
protein dealer
wireheads · lightning ears
sold out
booji boys · single (gang green cover)
we are both to blame
tough age · s/t
weird at shows
adrian teacher · terminal city
king chrome
human music · s/t
cult in the sky
human music · s/t
still alive
spook school · could it be different
faith healer · cosmic troubles
my luv
bong wish · ep
templeton pool
penelope parker · writer's block
song for the loveshy
jef elise barbara · greatest hits
the architect
jane weaver · ep
do the dishes
circuit des yeux · in plain speech
mirror of the madman
exploded view · ep
chain link fence
go! team · semicircle
the party ends
fake tears · nightshifting
FRIGS · basic behavior
asking for a friend
shopping · the official body
makthaverskan · III
don't know why
slowdive · it's self titled isn't it?
every third thought
gary war · gaz forth
decide decide
john maus · screen memories
wetface · single