Parts Unknown Episode January 15, 2018

shakedown street

1:00pm - 3:00pm

I don't what is more shocking: The Grateful Dead doing a disco song, or the Dent May doing a cover of The Grateful Dead doing a disco song!!!

Track Listing:

music is worth living for
andrew wk · you're not alone
locked up in the city
booji boys · weekend rocker
flat worms · volar records comp
blood in his eye
material · s/t
let's talk about feelings
ramona · split with hard sulks
falling out of love
auro-bora · single
radio on
ex hex · rips
yr. threat
jeff rosenstock · post-
des demonas · s/t
po box 3291
monks · hamburg tapes
so trendy
wild youth · single
i don't need you
the nubs · single
warm girls
girls at our best · single
divorce yourself
modern creatures · s/t
kate fagin · single
shakedown street
dent may · single
glass machine
lief hall · transform
the end
avulsions · expanding programs
savages · s/t
mad as hell
us girls · in a poem unlimited
windows and walls
gary war · gaz forth
find out
john maus · screen memories
jay som · 7 inch
how can it be
cut worms · alien sunset
every time the feeling
nap eyes · new
muddy water
king gizzard · gum boot soup
be afraid · every year
pirate drones
only wolf · trust
pardoner · salvation-----
painted fruit · II
april fool
amor de cosmos · myths of origin