Parts Unknown Episode November 20, 2017

I was too embarrassed to play.......

1:00pm - 3:00pm

An AC/DC song to honour the memory of guitarist Malcolm Young. However, I had all the confidence in the world to play a song written by Charles Manson!

Track Listing:

locked out
storc · s/t
painted fruit · PF II
in the yard
jons · at work on several things
strange peace
metz · dig a hole
the stevens · good
bed wetting bad boys · rot
detective olivia besson
necking · ep
not that bad
first base · not that bad
summer of 89
brutal poodle · ep
piss test · piss test LP II
out of mind
radiator hospital · play the songs you like
traffic violation
wax museums · 7 in
sick like us
richie and the cool jerks · single
not that bad
tough age · guess not
fox trot
mr airplane man · bit's and pieces
hey you
demolition doll rods · s/t
old flame
pale lips · should've known better
shit kid · ep (this is it)
if you want blood
mark kozalek · RIP MALCOLM YOUNG
devours · avalon ep
lucky like me
shrouded amps · world well lost
fix that brain
martha · 7 inch
dream sequence
posse · horse blanket
or just
mauno · tuning
never learn not to love you
beach boys · 20/20
wake me up
hi ranger · s/t ep
it's cold
energy slime · single
one eyed closed
sparrow · s/t
apples in stereo · velocity in sound
do it again
Nick Krgovich · in an open field
you got a problem son
exploded view · summer came early
city beds
chromatics · single