Parts Unknown Episode October 23, 2017

rip Gord Downie

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Tributes were coming in hot and heavy. Wasn't the best singer or songwriter, But I would be lieing if I said I was not influenced by the Tragically Hip in some way . I remember The Hip performing at the Canada 125 party in the 90's. A few times through his set, he said "happy stupid day" to the audience, and I always remembered being upset when he said that. And just recently, while driving in my car, it occurred to me why he said that. I didn't go to any of the final shows, but I did check out what songs he did as his closers and what he began with. Always close with Ahead By a Century. That is what they call in the business a crowd pleaser.

Track Listing:

escape is at the hand for the travelling man
The Tragically Hip · phantom power
cover from the sun
destroyer · ken
when you sleep
my bloody valentine · loveless
weather station · s/t
pretty things
big theif · capacity
golden window
josephine foster · believer comp>.<
le petit train
les rita mitsouko · best of
rita mitsouko
art d'ecco · day fevers
the keeper
nikki never · the keeper
escape from berlin
in mirrors · escape from berlin
the rain and the sidewalk · single
not in love
crystal castles · single
paper bag
circuit des yeux · reaching for indigo
first degree
omni · multi task
death metal
laverne · demo
hard times
babysitter · s/t
fountain · s/t
a savage · thawing dawn
monroeville music center · cave and castle
tough age · shame
running thru
versing · nirvana
rattled by the rush
pavement · wowee zowee
prime junk · ep
shabby chic
milk toast · your' band sucks and punk's dead
just drop it
teenanger · teenanger
hot tub band
leather jacuzzi · LP
corned beef
janitor scum · beef corn
get better
rats · Fred Cole