Parts Unknown Episode October 9, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

1:00pm - 3:00pm

sorry for all the You Tube ads. When Sylvie needs you attention, you pay the attention she deserves or you will regret it!!!!!!!

Track Listing:

LANCE RUSSELL · I'm gonna sue that guy!!
24 hour drug store
marlaena moore · GAZE
continental breakfast
BARNETT AND VILE · lotta sea lice
everyday's the weekend
alex lahey · i love you like a brother
strange insistence
gun out fit · out of range
the weather station · s/t
bridal party · negative space
ace martens · silent days
string of pearls
sean wesley wood · single
independance day
elliot smith · XO
stressful dream
ok vancouver ok · black part of light
nobody's down with sexist movies
KMVP · sweatbands understand
I won't hurt you
west coast pop experimental band · part one
ghost rider
gories · single
joseph pt 2
holy hum · all of my bodies
omni · multi task
murlocs · 30 years of yes
swim like
unknown mortal orchestra · best of
me in glue
tough age · shame
sam coffey · s/t
honey radar · blank cartoon
beaches · second of spring
keeping me awake
wares · s/t
the lung
dino jr!!!! · you're living all over me
edge of the earth
uptights · time and space
rats · intermittent signals
i'm stranded
saints · stranded
golden oceans
chad vangaalen · light informationans