Parts Unknown Episode September 25, 2017

the shit kid song

1:00pm - 3:00pm

upon further reflection sounds very much like the Exes and Oh's song that is popular these days. I still like it!!!

Track Listing:

the world....
charles bradley · RIP
Turn it up
Sheer Mag · need to feel your love
Johnny thunders
Shilpa Ray · last year's savage
Shit Kid · fish
old flame
Pale Lips · should have known better
empty victories
zellots · 7in
plimsoll punks
alvvays · antisocialites
emily carr punks
andrian teacher · terminal city
don't want to fall asleep
lt frank dickens · sour bubblegum
vagabon · infinite worlds
chiche suite
liars · tfcf
studmuffin 96
alex cameron · forced witness
a forest
frankie rose · single
spots in the sun
matt shoemaker · comp
second sound
whimm · single
drained lake
metz · strange peace
heavy lids · final days
institute · all this pride
red circle · single
after dinner
omni · multi task
don't touch me
okgb · split with bored decor
chain and the gang · EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC
boys boys boys
submissives · do you really love me
fly on the wall
angel olsen · phases
sufferin creature
faith healer · try
save me
go four 3's · six friends
waiting for the drugs...
secret v · single
have not been the same
slow · vancouver's greatest song apparently