Parts Unknown Episode July 24, 2017

the first hour is....

1:00pm - 3:00pm

pretty good. And then I played a !!! song that didn't work, and all the air went out of my balloon!!!! Listen until 2:12!!! Also, getting Max in from of the dials was a revelation!!! We must do that again some time!!!!!

Track Listing:

you're dead
norma tanega · s/t
don't make me the monster
cheap meat · demos 17
i used to ba a cheesepuff
coneheads · LP1
i walked in the fire
dream machine · the illusion
rank and file
sheer mag · need to feel your
25 forever
MAMA · speed trap
rock and roll girl
the beat · best of
obgms · new version
gun control · ep
i don't wanna
american lips · kiss the void
maneater · tape
new motion
teledrome · old
priests · nothing feels natural
plasmalab · love/life
a flock of seagulls · best of
rich kids
the drums · abysmal thoughts
fox on the run
regrettes · av club
all rolled up
F INGERS · awkwardly blissed out
naomi punk · yellow
cred woes
liars · dclp
a bad song
!!! · shake the shudder
crystal eyes · the female imagination
Old Money
rooms · New
Old Heads
Chad VanGaalen · Light Information
The Weather Station · S|T
Tall Friend · Safely Nobody's
Leave You
Midnight Sister · Saturn Over Sunset
Candy May
Alex Cameron · Forced Witness
Bus in the streets
Thunder Cat · Drunk
Not That Bad
Tough Age · Guess Not?/?Unclean