Parts Unknown Episode July 3, 2017

The Station Was Empty!!!!

1:00pm - 3:00pm

It was Exquisite!! I played Skinny Puppy! They are actually pretty good. For 20 years, I had this idea that I would hate them. NOT SO!!!!!! I learned how to answer a Fricking PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!! GIRL TONES. AMAZING!!!!!

Track Listing:

sleeping beast
skinny puppy · 1984 EP
top slut
Timecopz · unreleased
my fight
FMD · killed by canada
guess not
tough age · ep
pants and a face
bonnie doon · dooner nooner
new fries · fresh face forward
warm bodies
new swears · and the magic of horses
hello hello
forgotten rebels · this aint hollywood
do you mind
staccatos · best of
the scene
gal tones · best of
hiding from the moon
pale lips · pentagon black vol2
triple water
les chausettes · who will read your mind
i know
chains of love · misery makers
does your mama
bobby taylor · know about me
on the level
mac demarco · this old dog
white sands
gal gracen · 7 inch
i thought the world of you
lewis · l'amour
i just wanna stop
tommy tone · fax me a brain
the word/ cherubic hymn
bruce haack · electric lucifer
talking about her
bernice · ep
wasted in snowstorm
sean nicholas savage · flamingo
she said boom
fifth column · she said boom
martha and the muffins · this is the new age
holy water
watermelon · ep
superfriendz · mock up scale down
woolworm · deserve to die
dead soon
century palm · pentagon black vol2
until the world lets me go
faith healer · cosmic troubles
north america
hank and lily · north america
go fish
cub · betti cola
heat wave
makeout videotape · ying yang
bad apple
apollo ghosts · hastings sunrise
covered wagons
p:ano · brigadoon