Parts Unknown Episode June 26, 2017

what can I say

1:00pm - 3:00pm

thankful for the sunshine and the air conditioner in the booth today. thankful for campus radio. thankful for Sylvies and Alisons. thankful for bands. thankful for shows. thankful friends and laughs. thankful for sisters. thankful.

Track Listing:

your mom's the devil
SMUGGLERS · in the hall of fame
i need to fall in love
booker t on acid · single
high authority
rebel yell · single
laurel halo · dust
anika · single
mosfett · s/t
dead soft · s/t
woolworm · deserve to die
palm · shadow expert
summer reading
bleeding rainbow · 7in
blood until the belt
drums · abysmal thoughts
put it around
the nerves · demo
she's got you
jeff rosenstock · split 7 in
deep understanding
Mr Merlot · city
it's not easy
protruders · steaming pile
not that bad
tough age · 7 inch
good ol boys
institute · subordination
got in me
Priors · pentagon black comp!
jons · at work on several things
i am gone
himalayan bear · marchers
blurred views
ashley shadow · s/t
i just wanna be good
cate le bon · rock
never have i
h hawkline · the gree
good night
needles//pins · tomorrow
b-lines · 7 inch
she's boy crazy
first base · s/t
who said girls cant rock
b-girls · who said girls cant rock
too late
cheap time · s/t
heart beat
future star · try hard