Parts Unknown Episode April 17, 2017

thank you to the Korinth family

1:00pm - 3:00pm

for coming and thank you to Mrs Korinth for taking Sylvie for a pee while I do my show!!!!

Track Listing:

why dont you play in
toothpaste commercial · HELL!!!!!!!
hermetic · postscript
flower in my eyes
adrian teacher · cassingle
sleep alone
sad photgraphy · ep
gallery girl
fuzzy p · on a lawn
chocolate church
shrouded amps · chocolate church
garbage people
cult babies · off to see the lizard
jo passed · up
the shiverettes · dead men can't cat call
glue sniffer
daddy issues · fuck marry kill
dream it all away
bobbyteens · cruisin for a bruisin
mean girls
leather towel · s/t
don't get your hopes up
bad sports · ep
the stack
white reaper · the world's best
such a good girl
cheap triack · best of
no substitutes
the speedies · best of
redd kross song
ty segall · shitty quality
modern companion
mega bog · happy together
my old man
mac demarco · this old dog
how much do i have to take
kristian north · politics in love
pianos heavy instrument
spirit of the beehive · pleasure suck
time trial
tommy tone · fax me a brain
sore points · demo
chances are high
jerk jails · demo
koban · album
gary numan · pleasure principal
sacred paws · strike a match
rise above
dirty projectors · the proj's cover black flag
beautiful blue sky
ought · wheeeeee
rican beach
hurray for the riff raff · whoooooo