Parts Unknown Episode March 27, 2017

last week.......

1:00pm - 3:00pm

I had two teenagers on my show, trying to mess me up , a little daughter in Booth C, freshly done with Fantastic Mr. Fox and I was barely, if at all, rattled.
Today I was rattled and I only had Ben and Duncan on. Conclusion? Ben and Duncan are veteran show rattlers!!!!!

Track Listing:

what's going on down there
malvina reynolds · best of
prime mover
peace · entire cities
favorite hate
weed · born wrong love
hot plate
dogbreth · second home
cracks in the veneer
lubec · cosmic debt
country song
courtneys · ii
i don't want you anyway
look blue go purple · best of
i've had enough
the shivas · 7in
prix · ork records comp
miss june goth
gal gracen · blue hearts in exile
hey boy
she-devils · s/t
velvet gloves and spit
timber timbre · sincerely future pollution
jon mckiel · memorial ten count
late last year
adrian teacher and the subs · cha cha cha shotgun jimmie tribute
pile · new
politics of love
kristian north · single
meatbodies · alice
sun belt
uranium club · human exploration
high fashion
easy money · 7in
dream whip · s/t
meat wagon
color tv · 7in
uv-tv · 7in
still waking up
tim darcy · saturday night
rock pool
cate le bon · rock pool
pettitcoats · 7in
i want to be you
your funeral · 7in
mind control
jerk jails · single
perched on the wall
pc worship · buried wish