Parts Unknown Episode February 27, 2017


1:00pm - 3:00pm

PLAYING AT THE COBALT THIS WEDNESDAY MARCH THE FIRST. My Friend Cailla is very talented. Go see here. And a comment about Duncan and Ben. I kid them a lot, but those two blokes, as far as friends go, are as good as you can get. Congrats on 10 years, Donut Duncan!!!

Track Listing:

xiu xiu · forget
then you're gone
CENTURY PALM · meet you
teledrome · old ep
tall glass of water
tim darcy · saturday night
long bow
tim presley · the wink
someone always blushing
ancient shapes · s/t
burn to ash
chad vangaalen · skelliconnection
been replaced
feelies · in between
jon mckiel · memorial ten count
out at night
bells clanging · demo
eternally girl
mozart's sister · ep?
jobless monday
mitski · bury at make out creek
it's that mouth
ghost thoughts · purple period
supermoon · comet lovejoy
moon dust
cherry glazerr · apocolipstick
feelies · something wild soundtrack
lori goldston · live
zero hour
rank/xerox · myth ep
petticoats · s/t
gidget goes to hell
suburban lawns · s/t
punk police
fancy rosy · 7 in
i hate being in love
amy and the angels · 7 in
violent days
screaming sneakers · 7 in
no love in romance
bored decor · ep
mind control
jerk jails · single
failed visions
lie · 7 in
gun control · volume 1
at midnight you die
danava · 7 in
wilderness heart
black mountain · wilderness heart
spell · for none and all
gang of four · karate kid soundtrack