Parts Unknown Episode December 19, 2016

sorry Ryan

1:00pm - 3:00pm

I hope Manning Park ruled

Track Listing:

theme from wizard of odds
alan thicke · RIP
kristian north · new sympathy
i saw it all
kim gray · perfume
people's pool · ep
the sueves · new
midnight highway
heavy times · 7 in
night beats · who sold my generation
outside view
eater · 7 in
lost illusions
exploded view · s/t
fever dream
old girl · objet a
crab day
cate le bon · crab day
long bow
tim presly · the wink
john hughes
tim cohen · single
stare at the sun
elenor friedberger · personal record
new vaders · lp
hell yeah
neil diamond · 12 songs
last time
co-op · ep
looking for my people
mattress · new
happy ending
alex cameron · jumping the shark
the day I left home
hidden cameras · home on native land
moon queen
slow down molasses · black light
sb · ep
time and space
cheap high · ep
black rice · current
merry christmas
slade · suck it duncan