Parts Unknown Episode December 5, 2016

Frank the film

1:00pm - 3:00pm

What did I just watch?

Track Listing:

i love you all
frank · frank soundtrack
when tomorrow's today
kim gray · perfume
bb cream · rose petal pie
the one
miss destiny · 7 in
neighbourhood brats · recovery
night law
giogio murderer · halographic vietnam war
2 many hearts lack lovers
matthew melton · single
kids in america
kim wilde · 1981
it's too late
shannon and the clams · gone by the dawn
b side baby
les chausettes · who will read your mind
crystals · best of
together again
first base · 7in
everyone i know
cold wraps · 7 in
owed to the bank
gymshorts · 7 in
suffragette city
ty segall · single
controlled bleeding · larva lumps and baby bumps
nothing matters
silver apples · clinging to a dream
saint basil
bruce haack · electronic music for children
flasher · ep
preoccupations · s/t
i can't live in a living room
red zebra · killed by death rock vol 2
rooms · it takes a lot to show up
he's leaving
cate le bon · mug museum
alien eyes
jay arner · quater life crisis
silver velvet
courtneys · s/t
dryer fire
b-lines · s/t
pink wine · anxiety 7in
carry on
steve adamyk band · graceland
night detective · single
go now
bessie banks · best of