Parts Unknown Episode November 21, 2016

mls semi-finals!!!! THIS WEEK BOO-YAH!!

1:00pm - 3:00pm

People of Sweden....Give Black Mountain back their gear. I bet that band Dungen has it!!!

Track Listing:

i repeat myself
duchess says · sciences nouvelles
painted into a corner
jeffrey lewis and the jrams · s/t
cave to cave
imaginary pants · s/t
all my friends
future star · try hard
what's new
be afraid · never do anything
back of a car
big star · radio
unlimited sight
aaron read · even rats can feel the sun
supermoon · playland
kellarissa · single
swim team · out of the flood
she's mine
alex cameron · jumpping the shark
deep prismatic wave
gal gracen · single
cate le bon · crab day
glue your eyelids together
adult. · old
mixed messages
tuns · s/t
holy hum · you be holy i'll be human
in the real world
brazillian money · fly free rock angel
falling in love again
monomyth · happy pop family
jons · at work on several things
outrageous cherry · i don't know
and PC
dumb · mustang law
strange exchange
jacuzzi boys · ping pong
real estate and finance
tyvek · origin of what
where no one falls
sonic avenues · disconnector
lock it up
eater · best of
mr porter
ornament and crime · burglaries
dont wanna be you
richard cat wragleur · raise ravens
bed of bones
lad mags · 7 in
captain's daughter
bold marauder · demo
black mountain · iv