Parts Unknown Episode November 7, 2016

this show was.....

1:00pm - 3:00pm

a very chris-a-riffic show. too many bro's!!

Track Listing:

the preamble
school house RAWK · school house rawks
falling apart P2
dumb · mustang law
in the yard
jons · at work on several things
happen to
susan · single
out of touch
alex calder · bend
drinking in bed in E
monomyth · happy pop family
welcome to the terrordome
tim the mute · take my life please
cate le bon · crab day
bigger bolder
love is all · best of
aint you
kleenex · best of
in the red
jenny hval · blood bitch
happy ending
alex cameron · jumpin the shark
sean nicholas savage · magnificant fist
gal gracen · the hard part begins
rebel rebel
seu jorge · life aquatic
a la guerre
christophe clebard · single
biggy pop
jock tears · sassy attitude
what if
frankie cosmos · next thing
submissives · do you really love me
wait for you
death valley girls · glow in the dark
lulu's lips
grass widow · ep
origin of what
tyvek · origin of what
turn it off
froth · bleak
the stooge
cfm · single
done to death
bad sports · new
swallow you whole
steve adamyk · grace land
you have got a hold of me
first base · 7 in
between the lampost
weird lines · s/t