Parts Unknown Episode September 5, 2016

stupid tuns

1:00pm - 3:00pm

now I know what it means when the soundwave is partially darkened on a band's soundcloud page. I bet only TUNS does that. THE MURALS, PEOPLE!!!! AND!!!!! DISCORDER IS ADULT SIZE AGAIN!!!! SOUND THE TRUMPET!!!!

Track Listing:

psychedelic girlfriend
surprise party · sh-shake your booty
i zimbra
talking heads · fear of music
seen everything
terry malts · lost at the party
don't say sorry
hey little child
alex chilton · like flies on s
could be you
allah-las · calico review
it ain't how long
lollipop shoppe · just colour
mikey and his shame · ep
pop gun
mary monday · 7inch
hate me just a little
bobby teens · 7inch
bed of bones
lad mags · 7 inch
wishkicker · wider vision
known steps in yum yum yum yum
heaven for real · kill you memory
i don't answer questions
pale red · EEE-PEE
i'm a nothing
the magic plants · single
where were you
fist city · single
dead c · trouble
the glowing man
swans · the glowing man
takes care of business
alex cameron · jumping the shark
sylvan tradgedy
gal gracen · blue hearts in exile
mind over matter
tuns · BLLSHT
peace · single
weird lines · s/t
my dimension
brave radar · lion head
blurred views
ashley shadow · s/t
crazy dreams
himlalyan bear · pastoral memoria
magic arrow
timber timbre · s/t
gesture · ep