Parts Unknown Episode June 6, 2016

Genevieve Castri

1:00pm - 3:00pm

I was in a band a long time ago that got a chance to play with Genevieve and her husband Phil Elverum. While I "chrisappeared" down the main road in Anacortes, the rest of the band played a board game with Genevieve and Phil. I remember one of my buddies telling me that Genevieve made a statement something along the lines of "I only go see shows when my friends are playing. And at the time I remember thinking to myself "what an arrogant hag!"
Years later I thought about that, and realized quite quickly right then that " I DO THAT TOO!!!" And now all I can think of when I think of Genevieve Castri is.........I hope she gets though this.

Track Listing:

black magique · single
god damn
chastity belt · fuck chastity belt
my mind
glad rags · smile
mary lou sniffin glue
pale lips · 7in
what a way to die
shop asistants · s/t
astral gunk · split 7 in with crossss
just vacant
ursula · finish already
plastic thrills
deerhoof · the magic
maneater · demo
looking for the freeway
trans fx · single
sweet 17
dirty beaches · badlands
sean nicolas savage · other death
crash and die laughing
MASKARA · who is society?
la panne
O paon · courses
elka · s/t
ora cogan · crystallize ep
you be the water
future star · s/t
talk about terry
terry · single
called up
adrian teacher and the subs · terminal city
what happened to fate?
dumb · tulips ep
for a while
nude beach · 77
queen anne
damien jurado · visions of us on the land
northern sky
nick drake · bryter later
ashley shadow · s/t