Parts Unknown Episode May 23, 2016

the serenity of.....

1:00pm - 3:00pm

of an almost empty student union building. so peaceful. Cam Mayhem was probably not yet 18 when he was in a band called Retrofire, that played at Shindig. Cam is back in a band called Spell, and I am sure you know by the name of the musician, that the music he plays is clearly Greek Polka. May 27th at Fortune, Spell plays with Danava from Portland. A show not to miss!!! Happy Victoria Day Everybody.!!!!

Track Listing:

beri beri
liliput · best
too late
SPELL · for none and all
shoot straight with a crooked gun
danava · hemisphere of shadows
let spirits ride
black mountain · wilderness heart
if you say so
supermoon · playland
victory square
adrian teacher · terminal city
trying to lose myself again
bleached · welcome the worms
go home
summer cannibals · full of it
nosebleed weekend
coathangers · make it right
our pigs
holy wave · freaks of nurture
i can swing a hammer
the wet secrets · ep
nightshades · wendy ep
kristy and the kraks · ep
rat race
dead ghosts · love and death
save the date
mike krol · TURKEY
shannon and the clams · dreams in the rat house
MASKARA · who is society?
bite back
softess · absolute truth
koban · abject obsessions
showroom dummies
kraftwerk · trans europe express
late spring · invisible
yr living the dream
everything is geometry · 6 fun little songs
this home is not my world
big sis and nsa · greetings from the pill factory
scrotum city
astral gunk · single
i got a right
stooges · 7 inch that i lost and never forgave myself
who will read your mind
les chausettes · josiah
how much more
go-gos · stiff records
what a way to die
shop assistants · best of
suburban lawns · best of
green glass room
vats · green glass room